30 Sep 19

Alien Attack EAS and Site Updates

Three months eh? Well, in an update video, I did state that I was going to update this site a little less. With Alien Attack, I uploaded it on 22 Sep 2019 and so far as of 30 Sep 2019 at noon EST, It’s at 349 views. So, perhaps I have a hit besides my Zombie vids. Hit? Heh-heh, I’m in the middle of the road when it comes to EAS creators.

Also, somewhere down the road in October, you may come to the WishesNetwork site and see a 404, or the site may look crappy or out of place. What I’m planning to do is to add a comment section to each page and post of this website. For those who may know, this is a WordPress site and the theme is made by me. But I’m a rookie WordPress developer (although I have been fooling around with it for 2 years, I took breaks in between). It doesn’t come easy to put two and two together.

Although Halloween-themed, my next Scenario should be up around November or December. I do want to put a “premium” 40-minute-plus EAS scenario out before 2019 goes away. Let’s see how life goes and if my so-called professional life kicks my ass less. In addition to that, I’ve been working on this website: Highway 29.

I’ve also been added some extra pages to the Universe section of this very site. I just added Agent Golden and I’m going to add one or two more before I head out to work (my so-called professional life).

Here’s Alien Attack EAS if anyone hasn’t seen it yet:

Also, for anyone in the WishesNetwork Universe, go visit Fook Yue Chinese (heh-heh).