29 Jun 19

Four months and eleven days

This post will be short. I do plan on making a few changes and adding more to the universe category of this website. When it comes to blogging, don’t think I’ll be doing that. This blog section here will take a back seat while I make an excellent front page. When it comes to breaking news with WishesNetwork, I’m going for update videos.

One of these upcoming update videos will explain in further detail on why I haven’t been around lately and making few videos. Also, yes, a couple of my videos are sort of like Local 58. Not trying to outdo Local 58, if anything, I’m a fourth-rate Local 58 and a third rate Channel 7.

The next video will be a short-form video similar to Local 58. However, this one will be more comedic (If I can make that funny). I have a 45-minute feature coming up, but something came up with my so-called professional life and also the Michigan potholes finally got to my car. I had to pay an $800 car repair due to all these god damn potholes! Plus, it does cost some money to use Rod’s voice for the most part. Rod isn’t real, but the company that made Rod’s voice wants a few bucks for using his voice.

Stay tuned!

Robbie T.